Bellaire Jr./Sr. High School Nationally Recognized by US News & World Report

Bellaire Jr./Sr. High School was recently awarded a Bronze Medal for their National Ranking as one of the nation’s top high schools for 2017 from U.S News and World Report.  According to their website, the ranking methodology includes 4 main criteria: Students must perform better than expected on State tests; disadvantaged students must perform better than the state average; the graduation rate must meet or exceed the national standard; and students are prepared for college-level work.  U.S. News then ranked their best high schools and awarded gold, silver, bronze awards (or no awards) based on the results.  Nationally, 2.4% earned Gold; 10.3% earned Silver; 16.8% earned Bronze; while 70.5% earned no medal distinction.  Congratulations to the students, parents, staff and community on this significant achievement.



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