TBAISD Career Tech Outstanding Student

Senior Erin Emery recently received a Student Spotlight Award from the TBAISD Career Tech Center for being named one of the outstanding students for 2016-17.  Erin is completing her second year in the Teacher Academy program and will be using what she has learned when she enters the Music Education […]

State Assessments Begin April 11

It’s spring and that means more than warmer temperatures…it also means that it’s State Assessment time for local school districts across Michigan.  Some of the tests will be completed in one day, while others have multiple parts and will take additional days to complete.  Tuesday, April 11th is the first day some […]

3-D Car Derby @ TBAISD

Congratulations to Alex Hornick, Dahlia Evans, Erin Evans, and Riley Kate Robinson for their participation in the TBAISD 3D printed car gutter derby on March 22, 2017. Their car took the Best Design Award for the high school division although it fell short in the fastest time race, losing by […]