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All information regarding District Finances, School Board Meetings, Policies and State & Federal requirements can be found here.
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Board Meetings

In compliance with the Open Meetings Act, all Board decisions are made during regular scheduled Board meetings. A schedule of the Board meetings is posted at each building and is on the district’s website.  The public is welcome to attend board meetings.  It is our hope that you will leave our meetings with a better understanding of your public school and the school board that you have elected.

Public Comments: We welcome your comments and questions during the time set aside in the meeting for public comment. This is the time set aside at each meeting to hear from the members of the community. You are invited to address the Board with any comments, questions or concerns regarding board actions, policies, or other issues not resolved through the appropriate administrative channels.

When you address the board during the Public Comments section of the meeting, the Board will listen carefully to your statement. Since a Board meeting is a business meeting held in public, the member will most likely not respond to concerns presented that evening, however, if a response is necessary a member of the Board will respond at or before the next board meeting. This allows time for the Board members to research the topic and formulate an appropriate response.  Comments made at a board meeting are part of the public record.

Please follow our normal protocol:

*Sign the clipboard found near the agendas at the rear of the room.  This will be used as part of the Board minutes.

*Keep your comments brief and to the point.  Board policy limits individual comments to 3-5 minutes; if a delegation is present to address the Board, the delegation may select up to five representatives to speak on its behalf, for a total of not more than 15 minutes.

*All written statements should be given to the Board Secretary so that copies may be made available to all Board members.  All written statements and documents presented to the Board by an individual or group during the meeting are considered public documents.

*Be sure that you have followed the appropriate channels before addressing the Board (talked with the teacher/coach; talked with the Athletic Director; talked with the Administrators prior to going to the Board level).

*Comments with respect to the performance of specific District employees are not appropriate.

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