October Rotary Student of the Month: Kristina Wendling


The Bellaire Rotary Club will be recently recognized the outstanding achievements and character of Miss Kristina Wendling, daughter of Anne and Peter Wendling of Bellaire during a luncheon on October 8. Besides maintaining a strong grade – point – average of 3.954 and having earned the trust and respect of her peers and teachers, Kristine is truly deserving of this award and honor because of her many attributes and the many contributions she has made to her community.

Kristina’s high GPA reflects her commitment to academics but few may realize her dedication also meant taking more rigorous courses. She has taken Advanced Placement classes and has been dually enrolled at Northwestern Michigan College for English and algebra.  Even with these elevated classes, she has still been able to participate in numerous school activities. As a three-sport athlete, Kristina’s athleticism has driven her all four years as a member of the track team, two years on the cross country team, and two years on the junior varsity volleyball team. Furthermore, she plays the trombone in marching band and charmed audiences as the character of Babbitt in last year’s musical Beauty and the Beast.

Outside of academics, Kristina’s passion and emphasis is to civic responsibility. She volunteers at the Bellaire Youth Center, St. Luke’s Catholic Youth Group, as a Green Cord tutor, and at animal shelters. She also spearheads many school activities as vice president of the Bellaire Chapter of the National Honor Society, a strong leader in Student Council, and senior class treasurer.

Kristina is a problem solver, person of action, and a leader that certainly will create lasting change; she’s the epitome of a Rotary student. She is leaving a lasting impression on her community and peers as she begins to prepare to depart from Bellaire as a senior and pursue an undecided institute to study communications and media. Congratulations to Kristina!

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